Published 2022-04-04

MeloMelon is a tool for twitch streamers that listen music from YouTube: MeloMelon forwards the music currently played on YouTube to your twitch chat. Let your viewers know what you are currently listening !

The app is available on the chrome store.

MeloMelon is a bot twitch that connects to your chat and forward the music that you are currently playing with on YouTube. The bot responds to the command !song, and it can be configured to any command you want.

To use the MeloMelon, you only need to connect to twitch with the extension, click on start bot and this is it. Open a YouTube song on the tab opened by MeloMelon and try typing !song on your chat.

The bot is free, and open source, and respect your privacy. All the data needed for MeloMelon stays on your computer. The source code is available here. You are free to use it.

To setup the connection to twitch, the bot requires that you get an access token from (keep the token private). Once, you have a token, open the settings page and provide the information to connect the extension to twitch.